TCRmimic Antibody Creation Toolbox for Ideal Cancer Specificity

With our proprietary platform we have the capabilities to generate highly specific and potent therapies for any hard-to-treat cancer.

Specific cancer antigens

Using TACTICSTM we can identify cancer targets with the best properties for successful therapeutic development. Our ability to select antigens with tumor specific binding properties that are found in large patient populations, gives us the opportunity to develop a wide range of therapies for hard-to-treat cancers.

We focus on cancer antigen peptides presented by MHC molecules (pMHC). Cancer cells have the disadvantage that they must also put their ‘dirty laundry outside’. As cancer cells express a different repertoire of proteins than healthy cells, the ability to identify that repertoire opens the door to develop therapies against any possible cancer.

Specific interactions between cancer antigens and TCRmimic Antibodies

Conventional TCRmimic Antibodies are associated with a lack of specificity, and the risk of inducing severe toxicity. TACTICSTM identifies possible cross-reactive complexes and support in engineering antibodies with specific binding properties. Our expertise in Structural Biology and Artificial Intelligence has enabled us to build a best-in-class platform resulting in the development of highly specific therapeutic candidates.

Better, faster therapies

With our deep knowledge how cancer antigens can be specifically targeted, we are now engineering specific TCRmimic Antibodies inspired by the synergy between Artifical Intelligence and Synthetic Biology. Using our next-generation TCRmimic Blueprints we are now able to engineer better therapies faster.