Our Mission

At Imuno, we explore innovative ways to activate the immune system to destroy cancer cells. Our immune system is not only crucial for protecting us against infections but also pivotal when our own cells become harmful. Unfortunately, in some instances, this defense is insufficient, allowing diseased cells to evade detection by the immune system.

Over the past few years, we have been developing solutions that restore the immune system’s ability to detect and eradicate cancer cells. Through our proprietary Imuno TACTICS platform, we develop therapeutic antibodies that specifically recognize these ‘invisible’ cells.

What Sets Imuno Apart?

We focus on identifying the differences between cancer cells and healthy cells, with engineer therapeutic antibodies to direct the immune system to destroy these cancerous cells. Our Imuno TACTICS platform has identified multiple targets, for which we are now developing promising therapies.

We have discovered how to distinguish cancer cells from healthy cells by their presentation of cancer-associated peptide MHC complexes (pMHC). MHC molecules display fragments of all proteins found within our cells. Since cancer cells express a unique set of proteins, they also present a unique repertoire of pMHCs. Our therapies target pMHCs that are prevalent across large patient populations yet uniquely expressed in cancer cells.

Highlighting the Potential

The recent FDA approval of Kimmtrak, a therapy targeting pMHC, underscores the immense potential of this class of targets. Kimmtrak has shown promising results in treating patients with metastatic cancer, demonstrating that therapies directed at pMHC complexes can indeed provide viable paths to cures for complex, aggressive cancer types.

Engineering Breakthroughs

Imuno’s core innovation involves crafting specific antibody therapies in a potent T-cell engager format. These engineered antibodies are designed to mobilize the patient’s own immune system to selectively target cancer cells, minimizing damage to healthy tissues. Our TACTICS platform identifies pMHCs on healthy cells that look very similar to those on cancer cells. Knowing these potentially cross-reactive complexes upfront enables us to engineer therapeutic candidates that do not recognize these complexes.

Our “Secret Sauce”

What distinguishes Imuno’s technology is our ability to ensure our antibodies are highly specific and devoid of cross-reactivity. This capability allows us to deliver powerful, yet safe, therapeutic options. Our technology focuses on avoiding non-cancerous cells, maximizing treatment impact and offering renewed hope to patients who might otherwise have limited options.

The Future We’re Building

Our team is dedicated to transforming sophisticated scientific research into accessible treatments that can significantly improve patient outcomes. Driven by the vision that no patient should face cancer without hope, we continue to push the boundaries of cancer care.

At Imuno, we are not just envisioning a future where cancer can be treated with precision—we are actively constructing it.

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